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Let's get something straight...

I'm lazy. I'm arrogant. And all I do is have fun…literally. And most importantly I really could care less. WHY? Because I am EXTREMELY WEALTHY. I don't have the time to be sitting here and writing this. So I'll keep this brief. I make millions of dollars a year using the internet, doing close to nothing. You're thinking…I've heard this before? Well you can see proof of my income right here. I guarantee you haven't seen proof like this anywhere else! I didn't believe so. And are you making money like this? I don't believe so as well.

I'm a real person. And whether you agree with me or not, your goal is to be wealthy like me, or else you still wouldn't be here. And since you're already here, I guarantee you've tried one of the thousands of "get rich quick schemes on the internet today. Let me ask you something…are you awe-inspired with them? I'm definitely not. Nothing near actually. What kind of proof do these losers have of what they make anyway? That they make a couple thousand dollars a month? So WHAT! I make millions. And I hardly do anything to earn it. It's a fact! Actually it's so automated you'd have trouble believing me.

So Who is Mr. Millionaire?

I'm that guy you'll see turning around the corner in a Lamborghini with the tops off, and you're thinking to yourself, "What a jerk!" And you know what the funny thing is? You're right. So Big Deal! Can you truly say that I really hold your opinion significant? I'm Mr. Millionaire I could give a damn less. I sift through all the crap most people will feed you. If you see me as insulting, distasteful or rude….feel free to leave my site anytime. Listen…I am not here to make new acquaintances. I am only here to demonstrate to you PRECISELY how I make my millions. Guys, It's no hush-hush thing that I am selling something here. And when you get an insight of what I'm offering you, I guarantee you it will boggle your mind.

Recent Comment:

"I never believe all the crap on the internet, but I'm glad I didn't just shut my window and make off to work, you've changed my life around. You truly are Mr. Millionaire and I see why."

Jason Hughes - Jackson Hole, WY.     More Testimonials ››

I want to take a quick second to rip on some of these big name marketing "gurus" you see all over TV and the net. Let me tell you something, the only way these individuals make one cent is not by there marketing "skills", its by selling their expensive books, CD's and bulky nonsense programs of typical marketing "strategies" that anyone can learn from reading any half decent marketing book or article. These individuals are usually large businesses. They don't care about helping anybody. They have no "top secret" solutions. It's the same crap that is recycled and repackaged by new "authors" every other year or so. These individuals will send you huge binders of junk with over 3,000 pages. They'll send you audio tapes to DVD's with additional 15 hours of useless information you already knew. I don't know about you…but no thank you!

And I do have to tell you that I'm lazy. I'm sitting on my couch watching The Matrix because it's the only thing entertaining available while I write this for all of you. I am just tired of reading all of the BS on the internet, where individuals get off trying to manipulate people with all these "get rich quick programs" and "here is how to make money" GARBAGE. Just the thought of reading thousands of pages of marketing jibberish makes me sick. Do you honestly think people out there are going to tell you something useful? Unless you are a complete fool, you are going to hear the SAME crap over and over again. The bottom line is that having a 1,000 page book, and 24 hours of visual and audio cd's does not make any product valuable.

Contrasting these losers selling their latest and greatest money making "packages", I am not even going to give you my name, because I don't hunger after attention as these individuals do. Those people dream of hosting discussion groups and interviews. I'm not interested in any of that garbage. They crave to be famous to make someone significant proud, or so that people that picked on them in school will be resentful. Who really cares? I don't care about being a celebrity. I make millions of dollars incognito, and I LOVE it that way. And I only work a couple hours a week. And here is something really interesting! None of the financial statements I've showed you previously are from the site you're on right now. I've got income coming in from a slew of sites about anything you could ever think of.

Recent Comment:

"This Is probably one of the oddest websites I've ever been on. But anybody who is reluctant to pay ANY price for his material ought to just stick to their jobs, to be honest I want the information all to myself and I don't want anybody else to have it! I am already making a six figure income within a year online; anyway my family thanks you for everything!"

John Rogers Jr. – Sydney, Australia     More Testimonials ››

Lets Lay it on you…

So…what the hell do I do to make the income I've showed you before? (If you didn't see proof of my income, you can see it one more time right here – but lets not try to get to excited). To be honest, I concocted over a dozen ridiculously effective strategies for dramatically increasing relevant traffic to your website. And the crazy thing was, you didn’t need a product of your own to sell, you didn’t need to know any CODING, and in a few cases you didn’t even need a website. A few of these strategies are in fact so simple, they're almost conniving. They virtually compel an individual to purchase things, and the individual will gladly do so. The market has been untouched with these techniques, and highly sought after once discovered. From Google Adwords, to Adsense. From search engine optimization, to sales and marketing letters. From buying & selling the hottest products, to unique investment opportunities. I cover it ALL. I PROMISE to show you EXACTLY how I generate ALL of my income. And when I say "exactly", I truly mean it.

I can tell you with 200% confidence, when I let you see my strategies, you will probably get upset that you didn’t think of them yourself. But this fury will rapidly turn to joy and exhilaration about all of the possibilities of adding these strategies to your own business for instant results. For beginners, my e-book will put you way ahead of where you should be. And For experts, I ASSURE that numerous of my strategies will drop your jaw. I have been doing this for years now, and ALL I know how to do is MAKE MONEY AND KEEP DOING IT!

I know what is going through you’re head….no one who makes as much money as I do would risk to reveal their knowledge, because they would dread opening a door of new opposition. In fact, I know tons of individuals who make good money online, and they think I’ve lost it…because I’ve decided to share my strategies. But you know what I don’t give a s%$#* what they say. There are a couple reasons why I can assertively reveal my strategies to you:

  • First off, I make enough money from the site you are on right now, enough that I don’t ever have to worry about anyone competing with me. Word of mouth about my e-book, have sent sales through the roof.
  • Secondly, I’m definitely wealthier than I ever thought I would ever be. So if a couple of my sites start to lose profits because of copycats, it doesn’t really bother me.
  • Finally, my strategies sapply to thousands of forte areas of the net, so there are enough pieces of the pie for everyone. Even if you duplicate my strategies and do better than me in some of the same areas I have sites in, I’ll just make an additional site about something else. No biggie. I have websites in categories that most people would never even think of anyhow. So competition from you is no worry for myself.

So What’s my Offer to You?

I’m presenting to you the EXACT unchanged strategies I’ve used to become an online multi-millionaire. The same approach I still use today. Dissimilar to those so-called “masters” I spoke about previously; I am not going to overpower you with pages of crap marketing jargon, just to make my product look hot and valuable. If you are looking for a costly bookshelf place holder, buy their program. If you are really pumped about making money TODAY, buy mine.

In my program, I cut through the garbage and get straight to the point with easy-to-read pages of key online money-making strategies. If you can’t make $20k/month with the techniques I’ll show you, I sincerely think you’re in the wrong field....GUARANTEED. Even a slothful, half college educated fool like me made it. And guys I am talking about maybe 4-10 hours of work a week. You can even pay someone a couple hundred bucks a week to answer emails and inquires that are sent to you, like I do. The awesome thing about my life is I never have to talk to anyone on the phone or in person. I like that because I don’t like dealing with crazy’s.

Recent Comment:

"I’ve bought a lot of crap programs, and I’ve never made such a smart investment in a long time…you may sound a bit arrogant but I know exactly why. Thanks. You really delivered."

Chris Nemel – UK    More Testimonials ››

What's Included in my Program:
Ways to create an affiliate website that sells like hot cakes instantly.
How to generate easy qualified leads for tons of companies and make money.
How to write a killer sales letter that converts.
How to destroy ALL competition on Google Adwords, and pay less.
How to design Adsense Ads that have a 20% clickthrough rate.
How to earn an average of $1.00 or more from EACH person that goes to your FREE websites.
How to get almost ALL visitors to join your email lists.
How to attain and maintain a top listing in Google for some of the most popular searches in the world.
How to create awesome link popularity by doing close to nothing.
How to create your own profitable e-product in a few days.
How to get topnotch-affiliates to promote your site all over the net.
How to create search engine friendly content about subjects you know little about instantly.
How to create your own eBay Powerseller business.
Where to buy wholesale consumer products that are "hot", for the lowest prices, in bulk. A list of my own personal sources that are not found anywhere else. Resell on eBay. Drop-shipping available.
Websites you can create RIGHT NOW that are instantaneous profits.
Free updates for life.
Access to a private members only forum soon, for Mr. Millionaire users to share ideas. *Coming Soon* - Let my staff create a website for you, already optimized to make money.
Lots of other miscellaneous stuff, I'd be here all day.

A Couple Things You Should Know About My Strategies:

  • My strategies are true “guerilla” marketing techniques. A few are so incongruous that they are actually brilliant, believe it or not
  • I will not waste your time with general marketing information, this is not what you are paying for, you will be able to find this everywhere. Everything you need to become a success like myself is included in my ebook, NOTHING IS LEFT OUT. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ladies and Gentlemen....if you want to be rich like myself, this is your chance. Think about your current situation. If you are satisfied and think you don’t have the capability to do any better and have never believed in anything, then DO NOT buy my book. It's as simple as that. I'm not going to beg you to order, because the fact is, you need me more than I need you. I'm already floating in money.

Whatever you decide, I'll be watching the plasma by the pool. And if you do buy my book, and happen to see me out in the real world, do me a favor and come thank me, you know I deserve it even though I’m obnoxious and rude, I still made you a millionaire, it’s the least you can do.

Ordering Info:

To gain access to the Mr. Millionaire program, and the most unorthodox online marketing strategies of some of the most successful internet marketers around the globe, click on the link below to proceed to my ordering page. After you order, you will receive INSTANT access to my program, which can be downloaded as an eBook, to your desktop in seconds. The cost of my program is a ridiculously low price of just $35.00. And I even offer a 80 day money back guarantee to any idiot who can't figure out how to make money.

Try my strategies for up to 80 days. And if you aren't successful, I'll tell you that you are in the wrong business, I'll question your intelligence, but I will also give you a 100% refund. I only ask that you tell me which strategies didn't work for you, and how you used them. See my FAQ page for details. If I see that you are TRULY pitiful, I might even help you personally.

$35.00 is a ridiculously low price for this life-altering information. I honestly feel like I am basically giving you the keys to the kingdom. That's why I'm only TESTING this price for a limited time, to see what kind of response it gets. I've sold my program pretty successfully at $150, so don't be surprised if you come back later and see it back at full price. Compared to the thousand dollar programs of those so called "marketing gurus" or even the $100 garbage polluting the internet, mine is an extremely low price for a program that is light years ahead.

Folks, lets face it, if you can't afford $35 to change your life, you deserve a miserable life, and I really wouldn't want you to return to my website. So if that is the case, LEAVE NOW.

*NOTICE* - Anyone who distributes illegal copies of our book, or uses our trademarked/copyrighted text and/or images without permission will be reported to their billing/hosting company, and any other related companies for account closure. We will follow with a federal copyright infringement lawsuit in accordance with the The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Affiliates are not authorized to accept payment for our book in any way, which includes no selling on auction sites such as Ebay.